Week 1 of Centrum


It has been a long time since I have posted actual content on this site (and not just an announcement for a show or something). Well, I have not be very vocal about my acceptance as a Centrum Emerging Artist in Residence at Fort Worden State Park, but that is what I am currently doing right now! Week 1 of the residency is coming to a close and I have until the end of October to enjoy this park, the facilities, the uninterrupted time to make work and the cute coastal town of Port Townsend.


I have never done a residency away before, so I feel very grateful to be here and to have the time, space and support to make work. This gift has not come without some hick-ups along the way (which is not unusual in life). Because the residency is so long (1 month), I had to give up one of the classes I was scheduled to teach this semester, forgoing half my usual income. The last few months have been rough financially, but for me, this residency takes priority because my practice takes priority. I love teaching very much and my students mean a lot to me, however, I am a better instructor because of my practice and I am worth putting myself first.

Another unfortunate occurrence happened a few days ago when I was diagnosed with shingles. Funny enough, I am developing a few movement pieces and body-centered work at the moment, so I am slowly working through my thoughts on how I am going to approach my practice over the next month in a way that honors the current state of my body. The body has been my main medium for a while now and mine is always changing, so it is a practice in learning how to shift with it.


Other than those two things, this residency has been an absolute dream, and every moment is so worth it (and even the not so great things). I have been fooling around with making my drawings more sculptural and I am still tinkering with making Conjure Objects and movement pieces. My goal over the next month is to keep recorded updates of my work here on this blog, mostly for myself so that I can look back on it, but also so that I can share a little more about my process. As always, I hope that this sharing will be useful and interesting to some. Stay tuned for weekly posts over the next month as I report regularly from this beautiful ocean town…


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