Interview with Future Prairie

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A little while back, I had the fun and awesome pleasure of doing an interview with Joni Whitworth, the creator of Future Prairie. We talked about my collaboration rise x fall with maximiliano and Ruben Garcia Marrufo, as well as my series Between Contact. We talk about all of this work within the contexts of afrofuturism and queerness.  The cool thing about this interview is that it helped me connect two bodies of work that I did not necessarily see as connected before.

Putting Between Contact and rise x fall side by side helped me see the shifting ground that the two works share within a context of falling empire and blackness’ continual state of becoming.  I began thinking about Octavia Butler’s Parable books and how it was in the midst of uncertainty and pain that the main character, Lauren, found strength in the idea of god as change.  How does one find comfort in the idea that the earth will never remain stable underneath their feet?  It is very much connected to the Tower Card in Tarot because it comes with the understanding that new things can only flourish after the unease and chaos of destruction.  In this way, rise x fall  very much nods to the fall of empire as we know it and even embraces its the unknown of chaos, while Between Contact anchors itself within a blackness that is liminal and constantly shifting in meaning and space, despite whiteness’ attempt to capture and fix it.  The resistance in blackness lies within its complex relationship to stability and its push-back against it.  Uncertainty and inbetweeness become the rich earth upon which new things can be built and grow.

Anyway, these are just some of my after thoughts post interview.  If you are interested, please take a listen to the interview at Future Prairie Radio on soundcloud.

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