A Walk Through Spaceness


About two weekends ago (late post due to teaching and practice juggling- more on that in a future piece), I attended Spaceness for the first time. It was hosted at the Sou’Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA. While I have been past the Sou’Wester Lodge while visiting the coast with my fiancé, Spaceness was my first time actually visiting the venue. The event was fun and very relaxed (which I enjoyed). The lodge was amazing, cute, retro and had an awesome sauna. There was plenty of time to see work and enjoy the scenery. One thing I dislike about festivals is that there are so many events happening back to back, it can be very difficult to see it all. Spaceness felt different in that there were many events occurring, predominantly music-based, but there was also a lot of time to rest and contemplate the experience.



Earth Babies, The Healing Machine

Overall, the weekend felt very well balanced between work and play. I had a fun time looking at other works, two of which are pictured here. One thing that really stuck out was that there were a number of times where I encountered sage as apart of different art pieces. There was more of an open embrace of a spiritual vibe than usual in most art events. Of course, my hippie-dippie ass loved this part the most. There were also a number of people who attended the event dressed for the occasion, in alien and future-themed apparel.



Daniel J. Glendening, Manifesto 4: A Signpost | A Warning| A Way Home

I presented a new collaborative piece with Rubén Garcia Marrufo and Maximiliano titled rise x fall, and this was our first time performing the work in a public space. I am extremely proud of this piece and I am so pleased with how it is developing. One thing I recall about performing this work at Spaceness was the overwhelming sensation of presence. I will admit: I am usually so nervous before performances that I go into a state of detachment, leaving the performance with little memory of all of the sensory feelings that were activated. This piece was the exact opposite, and part of the reason why I was more present than usual is because the piece is all about mirrored movement between two beings; Maxx and I had to be very present with each other to keep our bodies in conversation. Similarly, Rubén also had to be present, as he played the cello in response to our movements.



While it is still too early to talk much in depth about this work, I think it is safe to say that rise x fall has a ton of room for play and I am so excited to continue pursuing this collaboration with Rubén and Maxx. And thank you to Spaceness for having us!

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