Creative Troubleshooting


After three photo shoots, I was finally able to achieve clear documentation for my recent collage series, Between Contact. These pieces were a total pain in the butt to photograph! Since I am working out of my home, I had to be very creative about how I documented this work. There were many issues along the way: distracting texture on the wall, lighting that was too warm, lighting that was too cool, too high of ISO… It finally clicked that my best bet would be to put together a fake wall and shoot them outside. Since the weather was overcast (as it usually is in the Pacific Northwest), I was able to photograph under soft, even lighting.

I was able to get this:






From this set-up:



I am making work about a year and a half out of grad school and I have not had a proper studio space since due to financial constraints. Regardless, I have made very good with what I have. Creative thinking as an artist expands in many different ways beyond the work. Persistence and dedication to my vision are key to working through tight spots. I just try to keep my head in the work and focus on what I have right now with gratitude while holding my goals in mind at the same time.

I can finally close this part of the chapter on the Between Contact series and move on to other things. For more images of this series, please check out my website