At the Root: She Got Love

Hello! Welcome!  I am starting this blog as a departure from my previous blog, Matte Image.  I started Matte Image about 3-4 years ago, at a time when I was extremely invested in photography (hence the name) and I have posted irregularly on it up until May, during my last semester in grad school.  Stepping out of “student status” and into “working artist status”, I have been thinking more about all the parts of me that make me the artist I am: beautiful black woman, activist, educator, writer, performer, queer, thinker, adventurer, yogi, photographer, spiritual, runner, lover, witch and life student.  As such, I wanted to make a new blog that more consciously speaks to and reflects all of these parts.

“She Got Love” are the words Ana Mendieta wrote in a video piece entitled Bloodwriting that she made in 1974.  Inspired by the potency and immediacy of her writing and the materials of this piece, it was fitting for what I want this space to be about: recognizing love in all of its forms as I continue on my journey as the creator of my life and my work.  Art, for me expands beyond what I make in my studio; it happens anytime I choose to breath and be present (which is something I practice often in my performance work).  Dedicating myself to the growth and expansion of my art is an act of self-love.  “She Got Love” is in the now and it is happening in and through the creative practice of many women artists of color around the world.  It’s an act of self-preservation, presence, voice and resistance.  This is how I have always viewed the creation of art.

This blog is an extension of my practice.  It is a way to workout, write-out and materialize my ideas, my excitement, my frustration, my questions, my fear, and my love of the creative process.  I hope that as I continue to build the content of this blog, that someone finds it useful or inspiring, as I have found in the writings of others who share the love and light through their creative practice.

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